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Foram Group Taps Kaufman-Heinz to Manage Talent, Production at Starland Village Events Venue

We're so excited to announce our partnership with Kaufman-Heinz LLC (K&H), a highly-regarded design, production and live event consulting firm based in Savannah.

Founded in 2011 by Matt Kaufman and Jeffrey Heinz, K&H brings over 30 years of combined experience in live event management, show design, film and video work, festival coordination, concert tech, crew management and producing. With such a dense and dynamic resume, they bring a unique perspective to their work, earning the team widespread recognition and in-demand status.

“Our job, our passion really, is to take a concept of an idea and make it a reality,” said Jeffrey Heinz, co-founder at K&H. “Digital art and technology are evolving before our eyes, and we’re frequently tasked with turning an artist’s vision into something people can truly experience and enjoy.”

The leading design and production company boasts an impressive list of clients including award-winning musicians and bands such as James Brown, Wilco, Etta James, Greg Allman to local, regional and national events, festivals, concerts, artistic/theater productions, large-scale corporate events, celebrities and elected officials.

K&H recently produced Starland Village’s inaugural event in partnership with Hestia Artists’ Residency. “With about 200 people in attendance, the Hestia event was a perfect opportunity to do a lot of baseline testing for the new events venue,” said Matt Kaufman, co-founder at K&H. “From sound to crowd management, we were extremely happy with the way the building performed.”

“Savannah has long been in need of a dedicated music and events hall built out to proper standards of the industry to accommodate major national talent,” said Kaufman. “We are developing a high-end and versatile events venue here at Starland Village that will allow us to bring in the caliber of talent we have had to turn away over and over in the past, as well as providing a new space for numerous local community organizations that we all know and love.”

The Starland Village events venue is currently working with a few local events and will soon begin a range of building renovations, with the help of Kaufman-Heinz, to enhance talent opportunities for the area. “We expect to be booking a full schedule of events to kick off early next year.”

Photo (L-R): Matt Kaufman and Jeff Heinz

Photo (Credit): South Magazine

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